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Default Re: Does 2 Peter 2's warning of false teachers describe Witness Lee?

Originally Posted by james73 View Post
Indeed, and it was worse than just the parts he didn't like. I think all preachers have pet philosophies, ideas and theses they like or avoid, and this should be welcomed in a diverse faith community; if this was all Lee was doing, espousing his different view, then fine, his books would have likely earned a place on many a Christian or spiritual bookshelf…. but, with Lee, there is more to the LifeStudy than this.
The irony in all this was Witness Lee wrote and spoke several times that the saints should read his and Watchman Nee's ministry exclusively because he did not want the church to possibly go astray due to their lack of discernment. Who knew that it was Witness Lee and Watchman Nee's own ministries that required tremendous discernment for filtering out the leaven found in their teachings.
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