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Default Re: Does 2 Peter 2's warning of false teachers describe Witness Lee?

Originally Posted by bearbear View Post
Hi Igzy, I'm just presenting my views as I see it and don't mean to push it on others. I think my "pet doctrine" while possibly viewed as heresy in dispensational circles is widely considered to be orthodox in Christianity as it is held by those in both Reformed and Armininist schools.

When I explain to other Christians how I grew up with free grace but changed to where I am now, they often look at me like I was ignorant for adhering to this doctrine in my youth. However when I do the same here it seems like everyone is ready to raise their pitchforks which I expect because maybe I would have done the same. The background of salvation doctrine a Christian was raised under has a huge effect on the way they perceive other teachings and how they read the bible.

According to wikipedia, adherents of Free grace doctrine are the following:

"Its prominent present-day expressions are the Grace Evangelical Society, the Free Grace Alliance,[11] the Plymouth Brethren, and the local churches."

Outside of evangelical Christianity, it seems like free gracers are in the minority. Yet even then there are tons of other evangelicals who openly say that free grace is heresy such as Francis Chan.

If you think my espousal of this doctrine is heresy, would you also brand other well known Lordship salvation believing servants of God such as David Wilkerson, John MacArthur, John Piper and Paul Washer as heretics?

What I like about you guys though is that you respect the word of God and aren't afraid of having a debate from scriptures. It's sometimes hard to have the same level of conversation and debate with other Christians because they just believe whatever their pastors say. This is something I really appreciate from those that come from LC backgrounds.

I appreciate you being such a good sport.

However, please tell me. Wasn't at least part of the strength of your previous post supposed to hinge on tying those verses together with the word "destroy?" And isn't it true you were not really aware the Greek words were completely different and demonstrated none of the connection between the verses that you tried to imply?

Also, if grace by definition is free, then "Free Grace" is a redundancy. So I wonder what kind of grace "non-free-gracers" must have--since there isn't any other kind other than the free kind. Do "non-free-gracers" practice taking back birthday and Christmas gifts if recipients don't measure up? One would think they should, since this would indeed be the "living out" of their theology and expression of what they think God is like. Unless of course they are embarrassed to behave as shabbily as they believe God does.

Just keeping you on your toes, son.
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