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Default Re: Does LSM Hold to Apostolic Succession?

Originally Posted by NeitherFirstnorLast View Post
When you first start to question Lee (and we've both been through this), then you realize what he has built is really a house of cards. Pull one out, and others start to topple. Lee was wrong about this, but then this wrong idea sprang from that, and that for another, etc. etc. Before you know it, very little is left - and you are left facing the inevitable: You were deceived. That is a bitter pill to swallow.
Besides that nagging feeling within that used to haunt me, the first card to be pulled out was the truth that John Ingalls was not a leprous rebel, but a whistleblower, crying out for righteousness.

Originally Posted by NeitherFirstnorLast View Post
I can only imagine what someone with 30 years or more invested must feel, knowing that questions maybe ought to be asked - but being terrified of the answers I'd uncover...
Thanks for even trying to understand my plight.
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