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Relationships between brothers, relationship between sisters, relationships a brother or sister may share with an assembly, etc.
I will need to elaborate later, but for right now I'll say when a brother or sister isn't being politically correct, action taken regarding the brother or sister is to sever the relationship invoking the phrase, "God is sovereign".
In part because of predestination as in Ephesians 1. God has a plan and when there's differences within the Body, removing a brother or sister from the assembly is part of God's plan. There's qualities of God missing by this approach. Grace and mercy. If we really mean God is sovereign, we will realize God's sovereignty in His grace and in His mercy.
Let's agree that God is Sovereign. Let's also agree that God is Righteous.

Yet again, let us agree that man has a free will given to him by God.

God would never do anything to violate His righteousness. However, there is plenty of scriptural evidence that God allows man to make decisions freely whether they are righteous or not. Still man bears the responsibility for those decisions. Standing before the judgment seat of Christ when we are all judged no believer will be judged according to God's Sovereignty. Just as no believer will be able to point at another's failures and sins and claim those are the reason for their own sins and failures.

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