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I would not say anything like that. And while the two statements are placed together in one paragraph ( in Bibles that are formatted in that way), the fact that I question the broad applicability of the "great commission" that immediately preceded it does not suggest that I question the broad applicability of this statement.

Jesus can say to them that he is with them to the end of the age without it being a limited or qualified statement even if it really was spoken as literally connected to something else that I believe was a limited statement. It is not a structural or grammatical difficulty to say, write, or read something in that manner.
Your major reasoning throughout this entire argument is that the word in Matt 28 is spoken to the 11, not to everyone. Yet at the same time you admit that the two promises spoken to the 11 in this section are applicable to everyone. This at the very least undermines the argument. Yes it is possible that the first sentence is to everyone, and the last sentence is to everyone, but the middle sentence is only to the eleven. Except that the middle sentence "Go Ye" is conditional on the first sentence -- "Go Ye, Therefore"

So all Christians are given the first promise, that all authority is given unto Jesus, this is proved in Ephesians 1:18-23, yet the statement that is conditioned on this promise is only to the eleven?

Once again I would ask why are you saying this, and now the reason cannot be that this word was only spoken to the eleven.
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