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Default Re: Eating & Drinking Jesus Daily - who emphasizes this besides the LC?

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
It's not that the sacrifice is daily, it's that the eating is constant (that's what eternal means), although sometimes we focus on it more than other times.

Peter said desire the pure milk of the word. That's ongoing eating. Jesus said his food was to do the will of God. That's also ongoing.

You are correct if you are saying we don't have to re-sacrifice. You are incorrect if you say we don't have to continue eating. Offering the sacrifice and eating it are two different things. And the New Testament clearly shows that eating and drinking are ongoing. Eph 5:18 says literally, "be being filled in spirit." That implies an ongoing, active filling (that is drinking, because Paul contrasts it with drinking wine).

Yes, the food is already available. We don't have to work for it, but we do have to accept it, that is eat it, in a ongoing fashion. Faith is active and in the present, so is obedience, and Jesus said that to obey is also to eat.
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