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Originally Posted by Weighingin View Post
In regards to the comments on man being the center of the universe, I checked Zechariah 12:1 in the RV. To paraphrase some of the footnote, it states that the the heavens, the earth, and the spirit of man were made by God as three crucial and equally important items. Also, that God intended Christ to be the centrality and universality of His move on earth. I recall, as a young person, singing that song and thinking that way. I haven't heard that hymn in recent years. At that time, I just received everything that was said and done.
Here's a funny thought: Maybe bro Lee was a little like Fox News (a right-biased news network in the USA). Things were so skewed toward a low vision of the church (a "cheapened" added word itself) that WL thought he needed to "balance" things out. But in doing so he went a tad far and elevated man even beyond what scripture says.

(And now, like brother Spurgeon was fond of saying, "Let's smoke a cigar to the glory of God!")
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