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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
...It would save you some embarrassment...
To potentially save you even more embarrassment, it might be helpful to understand a little about how search engines work. I'm no expert, but I do know that search engines, such as Google, are optimized. That is, to get the most accurate information, you need to know what the search engine/s are optimized to look for, then optimize your web site for the best match to suit your purposes. So, how a search keyword and/or term result is ranked may have more to do with the configuration of the target website itself than the keyword/s you type in. Search for: SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

You may notice that advertisements seem to float to the top. That's because advertisers pay to be moved to the head of the ranking line. The pro-Local Church sites may be optimized to the hilt, while other sites with lower rankings may need some tweaking. So it would seem that all searches are not created equal because of the SEO and the website itself and less to do with actual content. So analytics of "hits" may produce skewed results when arguing to prove a point.


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