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Originally Posted by clever sister View Post
I saw some comments on another post about "Inclusiveness" on how Christians on Campus groups claim to be inclusive, but are not at all inclusive with other Christian groups.

There was also mention of how Christian On Campus is deceptive to interested students, claiming that the saints are all from different Christian backgrounds and not letting on that it is all funded by LC in order to recruit new students, usually with the aim of them going to the FTT.

It brought to my memory some other deceptions that occured while I was a student. At my university Christians on Campus was a club registered with the student association. As part of being a club there were certain criteria we had to fulfill, like showing we had a certain number of student members.
That fact that many of the students in our number only came once and never again wasn't that unusual, as clubs would always ask students to sign up at the start of the year and had no way of making sure members kept coming, it was up to them if they wanted to charge a membership fee.

However, there was deception that brothers asked of me as a student. In my 2nd (or perhaps 3rd) year one the the full time serving brothers approached me and asked me if I was wiling to be the secretary for the club. He assured me that I wouldn't need to do anything, I just had to fill out some forms and I would be able to put it on my resume.

Of course the club secretary has a specific role in the club, such as taking minutes at the annual meeting and ensuring all the paperwork for the club was in order. But I was never asked to do any of that. Instead I was asked to sign some paperwork to make it appear that the club was being led by students, when really it was being led by the full time serving ones.

I felt a bit weird about it, and never did put it on my resume, but I did agree to it. I look back on it as a situation I should never have been put into.

Other church kids at the same university were asked similar things, such as to be the president etc. Though I remember the brother who was the president did actually fulfill some of his roles at the annual meeting.
All I did at the annual meeting was be present.

I don't know if this is a widespread practice. Probably depends on the requirements of the campus to allow "Christians on Campus" to be present.
Laughing at the title and your screen name- brilliant! They probably don’t think the college kids are “mature” enough for the responsibility- which takes away the entire point!
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