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Default Re: Witness Lee's church puts a women's virginity above anything else

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Don't worry you can ignore these verses. They are not part of the bible, they are only ancient Chinese customs. This forum even promotes a book which proves those verses were put there by Satan anyway.
Welcome to the forum heda. I'm not familiar with the thought in the LC that, "put the worth of a woman's virginity up above any thing else about her." The Churches of Witness Lee have a constant drum beat of Witness Lee - I didn't hear the drum beat on a woman's virginity during my time there.

You'll see from the postings of Evangelical that many men within the "LC" don't have a high regard for females. I found this to be true during my time there, which was always sad and a bit confusing. There are many smart and strong women on this forum I'm sure could lend much to your journey.

I haven't seen the forum "promote a book" as Evangelical describes. But then again, I'd be OK with Evangelical. My wife stays at home with the baby and cooks all my meals - shes not a CEO, we don't use a daycare while my wife goes to the gym. So my family passes the Evangelical test. Hurray! Maybe me and Evangelical have more in common then I thought.
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