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The very consideration of a "higher life" or "lower life" in the context of marriage is a ridiculous notion altogether.

It is not that newly married couples don't know each other well enough to know one another's thought. I too would agree with that, as would mostly anyone. But knowing the mind of another doesn't suit Lee's example here. Surely God's thoughts are far above man's.

For Lee, in this statement, it is a woman's created constitution, her "life" which is not as "high," that disqualifies her from being able to be an adequate representative.

It's a lot of superstitious cultural malarkey dressed up in quasi-biblical terminology.

And, yes, of course it's possible for a sister to have more growth spiritually than her husband. My observation while among the Local Church people was that this was usually the case. But Lee probably never considered what this might imply because he merely discounted it as the "abnormal" situation.
Let each walk as the Lord has distributed to each, as God has called each, and in this manner I instruct all the assemblies. 1 Cor. 7:17
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