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Default Re: Mental Health in the LC

Originally Posted by Melo View Post
I didn't see a forum talking about this, but if there is one already please let me know! This is thread to talk about LC views on mental health, your experiences with mental health and your Christian walk, etc..
I think this is a conversation worth having. Mental health is a stigma already so much in our society, and even more so in the local churches, where people are just told to "keep praying" as if only prayer can solve everything. The stigma to going to therapists and then the seclusion by LC members when another member is thought to be mentally ill, it's heartbreaking. I've personally received attacks of opinion by former LC sisters who WITHIN THE WINTER CONFERENCE, told me to pay special attention to what Ron Kangas is speaking because they feel it pertains to me. I would look at the ministry outline and then see that the bullet points they refer to imply that I'm of Satan and the Devil and such. It's a medieval concept in my opinion. Being a mental health advocate, I cannot stress the importance of being supported to seek mental health professionals outside of church. Spirituality can help along with therapy but not by itself. At least, that's how I feel. You can differ in your opinions.

Not to mention the repercussions whenever someone is excommunicated, quarantined, kicked out, and rumors are spread behind their backs. The mental health toll is even greater for all those who speak out or voice what is wrong in the LC. Because of exclusion. It reminds me of those high school mean girls.
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