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Default Re: Problems with Watchman Nee

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
Before someone gets upset with me, that wasn't to say that just because the lie that carries the momentum of the movement is evil, it doesn't mean all involved in the Recovery are bad themselves.

To clarify with an analogy, I see the Lord's Recovery as a Metra train headed to a final destination. However, along the way, it makes a number of stops. Many of the passengers on the train are good hearted people yet a few of them are muggers and pickpockets.

If people don't want to head along with the train to it's final destination, they have the choice to get off at any stop along the way. If the conductors require a shift change, then they can do that as well.
Right, I'm referring to the absolute brothers. I know of many small potatoes that love and are devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. I like your analogy of the train! I wonder if the recent FB testimony of a young couple leaving is causing some to start getting off the train?
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