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Default Re: Hope for all you church kids

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
You're right ZNP, the loss of relationship with parents and other close family members is totally unnecessary...
The funny thing is, I don't understand the draw of these things for people like the blended brothers. What is in it for them to maintain complete allegiance to someone not around any longer and who will not sit at the judgment seat? What is in it for them that prevents them from being able to say "xyz was a little overkill, the Lord has shined some light, having positive family relationships (or whatever) is ok"? Is it just job security? Not being able to handle the notion that they have been wrong (to whatever degree) for a large part of their life? Serving up refried Lee sounds like just an awful job to me. I have seen in some localities when ministry is reproduced and used for certain meetings, they will quietly replace "overkill" portions with ellipses. Why can't we openly and honestly acknowledge those ellipses?
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