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Default Re: The Asian Mind/The Western Mind

6. Rosemead division details exposing the very adverse effect the LSM at on that congregation and other ridiculous teachings and practices from the LSM such as:
a. "Success of revolution depends on propaganda. To take the New Way we need to learn from the Communists in their propaganda techniques. The way of propaganda is through the clever use of our tongues."
b. "We need to learn from the Red Guards. Even we nedd to learn from Satan for whenever God wants to do a work, Satan is always one step ahead."
c. "The New Way requires no prayers. The more you pray, the more confused you are. Just follow the instructions and do it. You'll be all right."
d. "We need to squeeze money out of the brothers and sisters."
The leader sent there by Witness Lee i.e. Francis Ball, under the direction of LSM, did such things as lock the meeting place to force the congregation to go to LSM meetings in Anaheim instead of their own, etc.
Drake has squirmed every time aron has mention Asian influences, yet there was a chaotic time when the leaders at LSM were actively employing Communist tactics in their takeover of the LC's.

Drake also squirms when I brought up their bully tactics at the little Mansfield LC in Ohio, claiming it was all justified because somebody was locked out of the meeting hall. Here we see senior Blended FB doing the same.

Drake condemned TC and the young Mansfield elders for doing this, let's see if he will also condemn WL and FB for doing the same in Rosemead.
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