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Default Re: Chinese/Asian Influence in The Local Church

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
We’ve already covered nature, shape, and purpose and if you don’t like Brother Lees definition in the footnote from Revelation 1:20.

What I observe in your posts is an oft repeated anti-Chinese theme.
Actually we have not "covered" all of the implications of Lee's teachings on Rev. 1:20. And once again, when pressured with the truth, Drake falls back to his own fortified strongholds of accusing us of bitterness, lies, falsehoods, hate mongering, obsessing, fabricating allegations, etc. After having heard Lee/LSM assault Christianity for 40+ years, Drake just can't help himself.

After having personally read all of aron's posts, I don't see these anti-Chinese themes. What I see is Lee/LSM selling these "Chinese themes" as spiritual themes to an unsuspecting Western people, and aron pointing it out to us. Should not we examine Lee's teachings in the light of scripture and LC history? Did not Apostle Paul teach us to "Test all things, hold on to the good" (I Thess. 5.21)?

WL/LSM hold and spread exclusive teachings all together unique to their movement. The rest of the body of Christ has never accepted them, or has long ago decided to reject them. Whether Drake likes it or not, these teachings should be examined.
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