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Default Re: Problems with Watchman Nee

I felt to add to my previous post to explain more.

In the Nee/Lee view, the spirit of man, once it is regenerated, is always good.

The soul of man is neutral, but it is corrupted by "self".

The body of man is also the "flesh," and is always bad.

The emphasis is on rejecting the flesh, and exercising and living by the spirit, where the Spirit of God is.

There is truth here, but it's mixed in with something false. Namely, the Christian life becomes a matter of rejecting the "natural" mind and emotions, and endeavoring to be led by the spirit/Spirit. In the Local Church, you were always in danger of "being in your self," or allowing your self to manifest. So angry reactions from authorities above you were to be received as putting the self to death. Even good reactions and healthy responses could be characterized as "self," or of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

What this led to in my own experience was massive condemnation. Every opinion, every emotion, every attempt to improve, every concern, was possibly the "self" or the "soul-life", and the only thing that was trustworthy was submitting to more spiritual authorities.
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