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Default Re: Any ex members in London?

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, UK. There is not turmoil that I know, Truthseeker.

To the current member, I have some questions I would like to share with you.

1. Do you believe this is the only genuine church and its members the only true believers? Isn't this division?
2. Why are female members treated as they were not relevant? What is your view about the role of women in the church?
3. Why are LSM books the only ones recommended to members?
4. Have you heard any members say "if x leave the Lord's recovery will be judged, sorry or die spiritually?
5. Why saints are told to forget about religion while following the most doctrinal teachings?

While the saints seem to be loving, diligent, caring and honest people it feels like some people get discourage and pull away from the movement by some group behaviours specially by the strong view about other fellow christians outside the local churches and the insistance on reading LSM - Witness Lee's books. Personally, I took these as red flags and currently growing apart from the church although I love the saints deeply and once thought this was my home.

I hope dear brother or sister that my words don't hurt you and perhaps we could find a way to discuss with respect and love, surely we both love the Lord above anything else.

Many thanks
Mary (for the purpose of this forum)
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