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Default What's the reasons to continue to meet with the LC?

I try to find reasons to meet with the LC, but found pretty weak points to do so. Currently I'm meeting with other group. Let's see what makes one stay in LC ground:

The Lord coming?
LC claim denominations has gone wrong and wouldn't able to bring in the kingdom of the millennial. Why can't they accept the lord is doing something in other groups also?

The true ground of the church?
This tiny group of Christian see the vision or true teaching of one city one church. How come few millions of Christian didn't see this point and agreed on this? Maybe one city one church is just watchman nee's opinion or idea or missed interpretation?

God's deputy authority?
If you deviated from wn or wl means you missed Darby all the way back to Luther, you're out from God economy. Who decide one central line of Lord work? Clearly there are many preacher or teacher today have the lights, why must I follow your congregation? Can't we be more neutral in this matter?
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