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Default Re: My time in the church

Originally Posted by recoveringCK View Post
Did any other landmark changes occur in 1974 or just after?
The list released by Lee in Jan 1974 (posted here somewhere once) was lengthy and affected all the leaders and subsequently the members, for example, LC's were forced to consolidate around "ministry stations" where approved spokesmen were instructed to re-speak Lee's messages.

Steve Isitt and others have more info on this time period.
When was Philip Lee hired to run the LSM office?
Not sure exact dates, but by 1976, when the Ball Road facility was built, he already had private party rooms, hidden from inspectors, to entertain his own pleasures.
Didn't PL initiate charging for the trainings?
Yes, initially to pay off Daystar debts from those members who clamored fraud. Later on, this cash cow only grew in size.
Was Max brought in and sent out to shake up the churches by stirring up the young people about that time?
Yes, it was called the "Young Galilean" movement, and young people were instructed to become "fishermen" and get their "hands dirty." Max traveled the country firing the elders and demanded that all young people be "set free" to move to the campuses. What a mess! Max later repented for the damage he cause, but Lee never did. When the whole thing hit the fan, Lee threw Max under the bus in order to maintain his own pristine reputation.
What year did Max publicly confront PL about the behavior of PL?
I think it was Spring of '77. During the '77 Memorial Day Conference, Witness Lee shamed Sandee Rapoport publicly, for some fabricated "sisters rebellion," in retaliation for Max confronting Philip Lee in a restaurant for having an affair with an LSM staffer. Max was in Chicago at the time, so he could not protect his wife.

Everything Witness Lee did here was in violation of the scriptures. Taking over the LC's was wrong. Daystar was wrong. Violating building codes was wrong. Charging Max to shake up the LC's was wrong. Shaming Sandee R. was wrong. Smearing Max's reputation was wrong. Protecting his profligate sons was wrong.

Throughout his ministry, WL taught his closest followers (Blendeds-to-Be) to violate their conscience, the scriptures, and the law in order to protect himself, his family, and his ministry. And that's why today we see so little honesty and integrity from the members in the LC's.
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