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Default Re: My time in the church

Originally Posted by JB482 View Post
Lyndol is a dear brother. He was treated very bad by some brothers and lies were told about him. It was horrible. That was in 1986. I soon left the local church for good after that. It was getting so dark and evil it made me sick.
Back in the mid-80's W. Lee and his son Philip unleashed fleshly ministry zeal throughout the Recovery via his "new way" so-called gospel burden. I saw numerous brothers who formerly "loved the ministry" get beat up by those "absolutely one with the ministry." Leading brothers were no longer evaluated based on maturity, love, fruitfulness, or wisdom in leading the saints, but on blind devotion to Lee and Son and their many destructive programs.

Somehow at the time we were led to believe (the responsibility for this resides with Titus Chu) that the source of all these problems was not Lee himself or his leadership, but with certain of his co-workers. It was truly incredible how deceptive they had become.

Iowa was a battleground state between the Ohio and Texas regions.
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