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Default Personal Testimony (Brazil)

Grace and peace!
This is a first manifestation in the group and I would briefly report my testimony.
I'm a brother from Brazil and I'm still learning English, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. Any questions, I can try to clarify later.
I will divide my account in three different moments, for a better understanding.

First moment

The local church in my city began in the 1980s. My father and grandfather were there when it all began. I am third generation in the local churches (or, as it is called, in the Lord's recovery). I was born in 1988. When I was born, my father was away, but in 1998, when I was 10 years old, my family came back to gather at the local church in our city. Since the 1980s we have been under the leadership of Brother Dong Yu Lan's ministry (DYL). But in 2008, after a trip from a brother from our city to the US to participate in a training, everything changed. So, from 2009, we have followed the leadership of LSM (blended co-workers). That same year (2009), Brother Dong Yu Lan was quarantined.

Second moment

In 2009 we discovered many things that were hidden from us. And they were secretly and deliberately hidden by DYL's leadership in Brazil. This resulted in the breakup with Brother DYL's ministry.

The breakup, however, was not simple and much less painless. It was dramatic. Painful. And everything was aggravated by DYL quarantine. In my locality there was much suffering: entire families were affected; some brothers returned to the denominations; others returned to the world; others, who were not even part of the local church, strongly criticized us; brothers saw themselves as enemies in the streets; curses were cast.

In other cities in Brazil, marriages were broken; children stopped talking to their parents; among other things.

Third moment

After a few years (more or less from 2014), I began to reevaluate events.
I began to reconsider some of the teachings and practices of local churches led by LSM. The quarantine was and still is a subject that bothers me deeply. Then I discovered the story of the 90's, the quarantine of John Ingalls and other brothers.
All this affected me a lot.
I am still in the local church in my city, but I have considered before the Lord many teachings and practices of the group. I am seeking the direction of the Lord. I think this forum can help me to receive more light from the Lord.
I'll close it down so it will not be too long. Any questions, you may ask.
But before I finish, I have a question: I've heard that there is some "problem" between the US leadership and the leadership in Taiwan. Does anyone know anything about this?
In Christ,
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