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Default Re: How I got here, and what is this place?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
For example, calling on the name of the Lord is to seek the Lord, not a mystical experience. Many times there is no feeling after calling on the Lord.
Do you mean the LC's practice of chanting "Oh, Lord Jesus" five times in unison? I've experienced this phenomenon a few times first hand. However, I personally did not partake in it.

If you took a picture of those meetings that I was in, I'd be the one that looked like August Landmesser.

Sometimes there is. Pray reading the Word is also to seek the Lord, there is often no mystical experience or feeling, though sometimes there is. As we pray read the Word only, our experience comes from the Word and not from our feelings.
You then believe that the sounds that are made from the pronounciation of the words themselves can trigger a mystical experience?

This is a kind of spiritual work and requires exercise. There is no shortcut to this where we may sit back, relax, and expect God to visit us whenever He feels like it.
I'm sure scripture shows us neither Jesus Christ nor any of the apostles sat back and relaxed. Their works were a product of genuine faith and through that same faith, they received revelation yet they were not mystics. Mystics work toward an experience through practices rather than allow an experience to proceed from faith alone. A Christian's works have no direct correlation to their spiritual experiences.
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