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Default Re: Help a concerned FTT trainee.

Originally Posted by Nell View Post
Hi BlossomingLily,

Excellent observation. Witness Lee has been dead 20 years. How can he be the MOTA? Since your parents don't want you to be in the FTT, that should help you to walk away.

Evangelical's "admonition" notwithstanding, I agree that "turn to your spirit" is not in the Bible. In fact, the Bible says "But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you." Rom. 8:9. You're not comfortable because the Holy Spirit is showing you the sinful practices and behavior in that place.

Unbiblical phrases like "turn to your spirit" are code for "shut up and do what you're told." You've probably experienced someone "calling on the Lord" AT YOU in order to shut you up or manipulate your behavior. This and mocking others is a sure indication that something is not right here. The Holy Spirit does not behave this way and you are under no obligation to remain in such an oppressive environment.

Welcome and blessings to you and peace---

Nell, thanks.

The Bible NEVER insrtucts us to turn our attention to ourselves. That is why the saying "turn to your spirit" is so deceptive.

The Bible speaks of the heart (or the spirit) turning TO THE LORD, and to "turn from idols to the living God." (II Cor 3.16; I Thess 1.9) The direction we turn to, focus on, and set our affections on, is only Jesus, our Lord, and NOT to ourselves. Doing that merely puffs us up, as we continually see in the poor attitudes of LC members towards others.

We are instructed to walk by the Spirit. We also must exercise ourselves in godliness. Exercising our spirit should not be shouting in the meetings, but the exercise of our conscience according to righteousness, and obedience to the Lord. I Timothy 1.1-5, 4.1-8 reveals this need in our LC brothers. They obsess with MOTA genealogies, and cling to the ministry of man, and because of their hypocrisy condemning all others, they damage their own conscience and their faith.
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