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This past week has been a real education on the history and character of WL, his ministry, and his successors. ...I was informed of this site and spent a lot of time reading the documents and comments, along with even more time reflecting, reminiscing, and writing about it myself that I can now conclude "it's a sham."
The past two days have been a winding-down process after the conclusion was reached. There's still fresh insights and more to learn and experience, but my soul has been able to quiet down.

I want to comment on the reflecting and reminiscing process. It's remarkable just how many memories welled up during the immersive week. Dozens and dozens of people, places, incidents, etc. over the course of 20+ years. Most were of the "snapshot" variety, a still-image impression. Others a brief "video clip", sometimes with "audio". Some funny, some not-so-funny, some momentous, some plain ordinary.

An important theme emerged over the course of the week: many of these memories captured evidence of dissonance I experienced over the years. Several were vivid recollections of the countenance or demeanor of saints either betraying their inner discord or doing hypocritical behavior. A few of these people I honestly cannot recall the name of and may never have even talked to! But the situations were such that the disparity between expectation/belief and reality were glaring enough for it to register a lasting impression. This included a number of LC leaders, probably because of relatively-heightened expectations for them contrasted with the actual experience.
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