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Originally Posted by New Beginnings View Post
Thank you for your insight Ohio,
We are in a very small locality. The handful of families with teenagers have stopped attending recently. There are a few young families like us with children. My husband has the tendency to blame the size of our locality for the lack of "shepherding" I received. He claims other localities are different/better. I visited enough of them to know better.

The fact that my husband is a chronic "backslider" makes it difficult. It seems he believes if he wasn't backsliding, all the riches blessings would be present in his life. Yet he has not taken the initiative to step up and "function."
LSM has designed a program where all members are indoctrinated into believing they are not adequately consecrated. They never will be. There are not enough hours in the day to meet all their requirements. Members are forever chasing their elusive proverbial "carrot," and as soon as they take a break, their conscience condemns them as "backsliders." I lived in that state for decades. Those in big localities envied those in small, and vice versa, always thinking the "program" must be working somewhere else.

Being a backslider is not evidence that your husband is "bad," rather that is proof that the program is bad. Where is the rich supply they always boast about? In the early days of my salvation, I was amazed at how much the Lord did in my life compared to how little I was doing. After 30 years of slaving in the LC's, I was amazed at how little the Lord was doing in my life compared to all I was doing.

Your husband needs to realize that loving his wife, raising his children, and working to support them is what God called him too. The Lord wants to live through us in the very situation He has placed us in. What a shame that the LC's honor those who divorce for their cause. It really means a lot to a Christian man when his wife praises him for all the positive things he is and does. As they say, behind every good man is a great woman!
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