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I remember on one internet forum heavily populated by Lee die-hards I acknowledged his ministry, then said what parts I found deficient. They said that I was praising him, then attacking him, like I was a traitor. Like Lee had blessed me with his teachings but I cursed him in return. I was being simultaneously "positive" and "negative" -- a no-no to them. I then replied that the LSM publication was called "Affirmation and Critique"; why was I being blasted if I both affirmed and critiqued Lee? Why could they do it, and none could do it to them? Puzzling. Why be so stressed if someone doesn't agree with every single thing you say? Especially if you are happily judging others?
aron, are you referring to the old Bereans forum?

I still remember the sideways looks I got when I wondered (aloud) why we could have a magazine that "critiques" others...
And for this cause, the Good Shepherd left the 99 pieces of crappy building material, and went out to recover the one remnant piece of good building material. For the Lord will build His church, and He will build it with the good building material, not the crappy kind.
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