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Default Re: Testimony from Europe

When you are dealing with staunch LCers you are dealing with closed-minded Christians. Christians, yes. Close-minded, unfortunately that too. There is little way to reason with such people.

One thing you have accept is that you are probably never going to get satisfactory approval from these people. That is a very hard thing to process emotionally since they have been important to you. They are likely always going to think you have gone astray, and though you believe you haven't, you still long for their approval. You want them to think well of you. And when that doesn't come it makes you uneasy, because you've been trained in a very fundamental way to "follow the saints," but also simply because you want the understanding and approval of those close to you. It's a normal human response.

But from their end it's manipulation. It's a form of bullying. One very important lesson in life is to learn to have rewarding relationships without being manipulated by those you are in relationship with. The LC's extreme views of community are a hotbed for manipulation.

Self-respecting people don't allow themselves to be manipulated. Look at Jesus. Do you think he ever let anyone manipulate him?
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