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Originally Posted by recoveringCK View Post
What as the situation with Max Rappaport leaving?

Was he really trying to take control of the LCs or an agent sent on a mission by WL with a message not well received, so he was subsequently dismissed? Something else?
Not at all. There has been much written on this matter, though perhaps hard to find.

Max had two "mistakes" working against him.

First, WL continually sent him out to "shake up" all the LC's, with the goal of stealing their young people for WL training centers. When things went badly south, Lee needed a scapegoat, and threw Max under the bus. Max has publicly repented for the damage he caused under Lee's direction.

Second, and worse, for him. Max confronted Philip Lee in a restaurant for sexually harassing a sister in the LSM offices. (That same behavior by PL would also precipitate the "storm" of quarantines of the late 80's.) Of course, no one else had the courage to do that, which is why both of Lee's sons were such abusive perverts. W. Lee retaliated, in order to save face and protect his name, by shaming Max's wife (old Chinese custom) publicly at the Memorial Day Conf. of 1977, while Max was in Chicago for a conference.

Max never repented for confronting PL, in order to protect the saints.

It was standard practice for Nee, Lee, and the Blendeds, over the past century, to claim a coup d'etat every time some men of God spoke their conscience (as whistleblowers) in order to protect the saints for righteousness sake.
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