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Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
What is your definition of "birthright" here?
Specifically, you are the recipient of the recovered truth concerning Zech 12:1... the significance of man's spirit juxtaposed in a verse with the most powerful act of creation.... that of the heavens and the earth. You are part of a group whose leader embraced that teaching and learned it from someone else.

It's now in your hands.

It's fine if you reject that teaching or if the Lord has shown you something more.... if so, describe it. There is no issue to disagree or to clarify...... if you disagree then before the Lord explain why. That's ok, even healthy.

However, to ridicule the teaching with mocking is a spiritual version of Esau selling his inheritance for a bowl of porridge. What is the "porridge" you desire here?

Treasure the light you have received through others whose shoulders you are standing on. They paid a price and you are the beneficiary. If you have received new light then share it. Spiritual progress is determined how you handle the light that the Lord has entrusted to you already.

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