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Originally Posted by recoveringCK View Post
Unfortunately, what they actually do is substantially different from what they say they do.

They do put on a very good front and use effective control techniques.
They maintain operational control through strict informational control. There's a story from back in the 1960s, a Chinese brother was walking down the street with a young American. The Chinese said, "You have to watch out for the family of Brother Lee."

Then he clapped his hand over his mouth and said, "Oh! I shouldn't have said that!"

You see, he already knew what Lee had done in Taiwan. But in their culture, you're not supposed to expose leadership. Lee repeatedly leveraged this culture of silence.

Today, with the internet, one can read the stories. LSM no longer runs the only printing press in town. One can read what happened to others, as they realized the extent of the gap between how the LC " church life" was supposed to be, and how it really was.
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