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Default Re: A Plague Upon Denominationalism!

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Or Pol Pot replacing Prince Sihanouk, who was admittedly corrupt and a poor ruler. But the "new and improved" was actually a charnel house, a killing field..
Sorry; Lon Nol replaced Sihanouk, and was eventually ousted when the Khmer Rouge came to power. At least get the facts straight, right? But the pattern holds. Group B says Group A is corrupt, and they are right. But what Group B doesn't say, is they're twice as bad.

So it was with Darbyism and Leeism replacing denominationism. Give me a Baptist church; at least the good news is preserved there. Lee said he had tens of millions of affiliated Christians in mainland China in the mid 1990s. Ten years later they were gone. The home-brewed "high peak truths", thrust upon an ignorant populace, produced confusion and turmoil. I daresay the "low gospel" of the Baptists might have been more prudent.
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