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Default Re: The Bible Answer Man Converts to The Eastern Orthodox Church!

There is one thing that the opposers may wish to acknowledge:
Until Hank makes a statement of how "we (in the LC) are wrong", no one here can say that he has rejected the LC.

Some posters here are erroneously assuming that Hank chose the EOC over the LC or that he rejected one in favor of the other. This is based upon a strawman argument that Hank had a binary choice. That is was one or the other, and that choice of one is mutually exclusive of the other.

It could be said that Hank rejected Protestantism and Catholicism as well. Hank may have chosen the EOC for a variety of reasons. He may or may not have done it out of rejection of the LC. In as much it was a rejection of the LC, it was also a rejection of Protestantism or Catholicism. He may have joined the EOC without rejecting anyone at all.

There are many who meet in denominations yet still follow the ministry of Nee/Lee. They also may meet and fellowship with the LC on an adhoc basis.
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