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Default Re: What about the Children?

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Interesting admission, why didn't you discuss this in church meetings?
My sharing was in the form of testimonies based on the message. Many saints were not interested in discussing the gospel work on the campus unless they were involved. We did discuss these events with all involved. That was in Houston. The brother who took the lead to bring the gospel to the campus encouraged this. In Houston I was the only brother on campus that didn't live in the dorms, I lived in a brothers house. As a result the brothers on campus were often living in rooms two or three doors down from the saints in the various Christian fellowships on campus. They ate meals together, studied together, and we fellowshipped with each other often. (Once I went to a meeting of Moonies, Sun Yung Moon, and that was the only time I was asked by the brother taking the lead on campus to not mention that to the other saints. I went because I met a gospel contact of mine who was going because he wanted to do a paper on them. I didn't want him to go alone.)

In Odessa we were much more open. The church was much smaller and therefore the gospel was much more integral to everyone. Four brothers living in the brothers house would spend Saturday driving around West Texas and meeting with other Christian groups from a breakfast meeting in one town to church meetings in another town. The elders in the church in Odessa did not have any issue with this at all. However, speaking in the church meetings was generally tied to the message shared.
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