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Default Re: What about the Children?

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Let's take the home meetings for example. If you are one who meets with a local church, it's okay to invite non-local church Christians to your home meeting. For the invite to be reciprocated, no. For a local church Christian to go to a non-local church home meeting, that is unfathomable. That has been called meeting illegitimately.

Now to reach those born and raised in the local church, just accept the fact many may meet there because of tradition. Just as if they were a Baptist or a Catholic, they're used to certain practices, doctrines, etc and anything else would just take them out of their comfort zone. There's a certain structure for someone raised in the local churches where all your social relationships are driven by the local church culture.
This varies by locality. When I was in Odessa I went to a breakfast for local christians in a town near Odessa every Saturday. I also visited regularly with Christian groups in other cities. I also did this in Houston, but was advised to keep it quiet and not discuss it in the meetings. The only city I did not meet with other Christians was in Irving, and that was because I was working 16 hours a day on the meeting hall, six days a week.
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