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Default Re: What about the Children?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Now to reach those born and raised in the local church, just accept the fact many may meet there because of tradition. Just as if they were a Baptist or a Catholic, they're used to certain practices, doctrines, etc and anything else would just take them out of their comfort zone. There's a certain structure for someone raised in the local churches where all your social relationships are driven by the local church culture.
I believe you're right Terry, and this being so, I am more and more convinced that there is nothing that can be done by us to awaken these ones to the Truth. In fact, I have honestly acknowledged myself, that "there but for the Grace of God go I." And I suppose therein lies the key.

I asked the question, because, my fellowship with members were primarily with second and third generation LRC'rs. I have an honest reason for wanting to find a way to reach them. But this website, valuable as it is, can't do it... they wouldn't dare come here, unless, of course, the process of questioning had already well begun in them. I tried bringing up the past history of the LC with some of them, and they wouldn't discuss at all what they knew - or even admit they knew anything, other than to say "the Lord has moved on, so should we"... or: "Does it matter what Lee was like? Even Balaam's donkey was able to speak for God" - In other words, yes, Lee was a Jack-Ass, but who cares?

Only God can restore sight to the blind, restore hearing to the deaf, and get the lame to walk. Perhaps - no - not perhaps - I definitely need to pray more for Him to soften the hearts of the brothers and sisters I've left behind.

Lord, I want to raise these ones up to you - the friends I have left behind but still love with Your Love, Lord. Especially, I want to lift up D to you. Lord, this brother prayed with me and wept with me and shared his heart with me. Lord, this brother even still contacts me, though he won't share anything personal... Lord, keep his heart soft and open. Give him the courage and conviction to ask the questions, to seek Your Holy and perfect will, and bless him Lord.. with Your Truth. In Jesus Holy name I pray...

Will you pray with me saints? For ninety days. For those we've left behind... and even for those in charge of LSM; that they might be given a heart of repentance... that the Lord might bless them too.

In Christ,

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