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Default Re: What about the Children?

Originally Posted by NeitherFirstnorLast View Post
My purpose in mentioning home school was not to cast aspersion on that practice - but to point out that one of LSM's characteristics in dealing with their children is isolationism ...
I think all good parents attempt to "isolate" their children from the evils of this age, as the Lord taught us to pray, "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

One of the pernicious ways of exclusive systems such as Lee's is to identify outside Christians -- genuine, bona fide, blood-washed, born-again evangelical brothers and sisters -- as the enemy. Oh sure, they sometimes used phrases such as "love them, but hate the system," but they purposely blur the lines. On the other hand, I also heard WL talk about "missiles" and "bombs," in the form of high truth tracts, which were to be launched at poor, poor Christianity. Who was the target? Not some nebulous mist called "system," but the very people who composed Christianity -- our very own brothers and sisters.

In a nutshell -- those in the Recovery really don't know who their enemy is! In the city I once migrated to in order to help start a new church, brothers sued brothers in court over possession of the meeting hall, thinking they were being loyal to the ministry of Witness Lee! What does that tell you?

In such a context, what is the result on our children? Does anyone out there realize that the best parents in the Recovery always tried to shield their children from the Recovery itself! They knew that the Recovery itself was almost more dangerous than the world! How does one teach his kids that we are the fulfillment of Philadelphia, the church of brotherly love, yet have the children witness abuse, in-fighting, back-biting, public ridiculing, lawsuits, etc. It is so true that children pay attention more to what you do, than to what you say.

Just the other day, my wife was telling me about a couple she knew who always broke the training rules for their kids sake. While in Anaheim for the trainings, trainees were not allowed to go to Disneyland, the beach, shopping, sight-seeing, play sports, etc. yet they could not keep these rules and be good parents. WL and the trainers loved to make rules that only they could keep. My dear wife now regrets how often she was such a loyal "rule-keeper" at the expense of her children. Me too.

One of the best ways to help our children is to break down the walls surrounding the Recovery, and to connect them with the greater body of Christ. This will help deliver them from arrogant pride, thinking they have something they do not, and thinking that others have nothing which they really do.
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