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Default Re: What about the Children?

I suppose I'm part of that lost generation as in my locality there are only about 3 people still meeting out of at least 15-20 I grew up with. Despite having been steeped in the terminology I don't speak it very well. As has been pointed out here numerous times, there are simpler, clearer ways of saying things.

I was never homeschooled. I went to one training in Anaheim (more as an excuse to go to California than anything as I spent most of the time gawking at people on Venice beach). Since then (the mid 90s) I've been to half a handful of training meetings and a couple three conferences...What I remember most about being a kid in the LC is the camps where people would burn things and then come away burning for the Lord. On Sunday they would speak about how they want the environment of the camp to last forever and then one person would invariably get up and share about how we can't live camp to camp, conference to conference, riding the "high" till the next one...well, that seems to have become a la mode...every couple of months there is a mini-confernece, a blending conference, an uptodatespeaking conference, a conference, a regional conference and then a training...

Now as an adult suddenly I see that the sharing in the meetings is perhaps 75-80% reading straight from the morning revival and 15 % saying something about it...the other 5% or so is some soul who's spent time in the Word and has something to show for it, has been touched and searched and found the Lord in the's becoming rarer and rarer.

(lurkers, you can say I cannot prove this by Lee's writing - but the spirit of what was written is surely there and this interpretation is taken by many within the movement).

I can't comment about other places, but I've never, not even in my darkest hour of cynicism, felt that that was taught or encouraged where I meet. There are a few who try to say that from time to time, but the responsible ones are pretty good about clearing the matter up...what I do know, is that there is a pervasive belief that the LC is better. And that turns my stomach.
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