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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
A web site that is helpful to check to see if our legalism is scriptural or not.

I don't see anything about no beards, white shirts, ties, no dancing, no entertainment, no sports, no music. But, there is a lot that is truly exposing. Truly these are the things we should be focusing on.
The LC is a place that has a bad reputation for legalism. This all is in spite of a common theme of WL's ministry, that is, "Christ vs. Religion". I was thinking about this recently, and I had to ask myself, if WL was so intently focus on throwing out "religion", how did he so quickly and successfully create his own religion?

I have to think that much of it is that those in the LC don't apply the same standards to themselves as everyone else. In a church were clergy wear a cassock, that might be characterized as 'traditional' or 'dead'. But if there is an unspoken dress code in the LC of suits and ties, that isn't seen as even being the least bit traditional. In the LC, they like to arrange the chairs a certain way. They criticize churches that have the chairs all facing in one direction (even though that is how LSM trainings are). There are just so many examples. The reality is simply that legalism is legalism. Those in the LC need to realize that they must check everything against scripture. The Bible doesn't mention pianos, white shirts and ties, chair arrangement or any of that other nonsense.
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