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Default Re: What should I be looking for in a church?

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
What should I do tomorrow? I already left the LRC movement. But these elders asked me to face them to recant my doctrinal views. They have no idea what the reformation holds where I am leaning to. All they asked is to submit to their authority. Anyone advice? Should I meet them up to rebuttal my standing? They're gonna quarantine me if I don't repent.
I and two others were given a week to stand up and repent before the whole assembly, or be excommunicated. I felt I had nothing to repent of.

A week goes by and the elders show up at my door. They had my wife leave, sat around me, and told me what I had to do to remain the LC.

But it was a demand that was so far out there that it was impossible for me to do.

I left. Thank God. And I would love to shake the hand of that elder that made it impossible for me to stay in the church.
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