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Default True Christianity

I had the pleasure of attending the annual Christian Leadership Alliance conference this week and felt compelled to share.

The conference is a three day event with Christian leaders coming from around the world to share what God is doing through the ministries and to listen, learn, and worship with others longing to see Christ glorified and proclaimed to the ends of the earth. Organizations as large as World Vision to small ministries unknown to most of the world were gathered together. There was no talk of denominations, no division among those I met, actually, quite the opposite.

The conference was a good reminder that Christ is moving in a real and powerful way through SO MANY Christians today by the grace and power of His might - these brother and sisters not bound by the chains of LSM. Witness Lee and his ministry condemn and badmouth my family in Christ still to this day, the prevalence and persistence in this attitude and creed makes you wonder if it is being done intentionally to keep those from finding true freedom through Christ.

To those trapped within the LSM - Christ's love is REAL and He has invited you to partake in His banquet, in His work, and find delight in Him. There are REAL Christians, not putting on the nature of a man (speak like Lee, think like Lee, dress like Lee) but putting on the nature of Christ. You can have a REAL conversation about His glory and what He is doing in your life - you don't need to read and regurgitate the words and thoughts of Witness Lee.

Grab a Lee free bible, get on your knees, open the Scripture and let His Spirit breathe His life. If you know the gift of God, you will ask him, and he will give you living water.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
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