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Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Did I misunderstand this letter? I was under the impression that the person alleged to have been molested was an adult, a college student, in the young people's meetings. Second, no one said the person accused of committing this act had a record as a sex offender. What exactly are you proposing leaders of a church to do? Also, a "prayer partner" is hardly a position of authority within the church.

Finally, the account given by the "victim" raises some questions. Like "what happened" and "what do you mean by groomed". I don't really see how any leader of the church could respond to accusations they didn't do everything within their power unless we know the answers to these questions.

Also, this matter of going to the police. If the victim is an adult you are going to have to get that person to go to the police. In the end, unless that person presses charges all you will get is a lawsuit of slander against you.
Cudos to you ZNP, for exercising some common sense. We can't just scream and rant about things off the top of our heads, just because we have anger issues. An adult has to take responsibility for him/her self. Just because you don't like a certain group doesn't mean that you can bash all that you want.
I will add that if what allegedly happened to that young brother, happened to me, I would immediately go to the police, and bypass all of the ''covering'' stuff. I'd do everything in MY power ( not some elder's ) to put the perp in jail.
ZNP, exactly what finger pointing and accusing did you do, as alleged by Nell?

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