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Default Re: Eating & Drinking Jesus Daily - who emphasizes this besides the LC?

Originally Posted by FranklyM View Post
The reason we cannot find anyone who emphasizes eating Jesus like Witness Lee and LSM is because nobody else emphasizes it, because it shouldn't be emphasized. The bible doesn't emphasize it, why should we?
I hope you don't mind if I respectfully disagree. I would sum up the entire NT teaching concerning the Christian life in two things: Baptism and the Lord's Table.

Setting the mind on the Spirit -- that is being immersed into the Triune God.

The work and Person of Jesus -- that is being immersed into the Triune God.

Preaching the Gospel, Separated from the World, Overcoming the Enemy, a people consecrated to the Lord, -- all of these can be seen in our baptism.

The new creation -- also seen in our baptism.

Likewise -- This mystery is great but I speak with regards to Christ and the church -- Lord's table can certainly be viewed as a prelude to the marriage feast.

Worship of the Lord, Remembrance of the Lord, Testifying of the Lord, -- all these can be seen in the Lord's table celebration.

There are only two sacraments that the Lord has told us to keep: Baptism and the Lord's table. Can't emphasize it anymore than that. And it was the Lord who said "this is my Body, this is my blood, take eat". This is what John the Baptist meant when he said "behold the lamb of God" -- Jesus was to be sacrificed for us as a sin offering, peace offering, burnt offering, etc. The gospels begin with this and end with the fulfillment of this.

The epistles simply expound on what has happened.
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