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Default Re: Eating & Drinking Jesus Daily - who emphasizes this besides the LC?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Are you saying that the practice of "pray-reading" in the LC's was perfectly homogeneous across the US?

Perhaps this is getting mixed up with LSM's push of PSRP, the practice of praying, studying, reciting, and prophecying training outlines.
Recent videos on youtube I found PSRP practised before, in between, and after spoken messages. The conference attendants were told to psrp passage(s) in handout all together and to each other. And repeat to each other certain words/sentences the speaker said. No reading from the bible, only mentioned that there are verses listed in the handout, sometimes all were told to read a verse together, sometimes told can go home and read it for yourself. Sometimes the speaker read bible verse(s) or mentioned the verse(s).

PSRP handout outlines
PSRP handout main points, sub-points ...
PSRP handout passages
PSRP theme slogans
PSRP theme songs
PSRP what speaker said

PSRP all together
PSRP to the one next to you

Up-to-date LSM churches practice - PSRP LSM publications.
And we are arguing over the 'old' practice of LC pray-reading ... (bible?)
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