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Originally Posted by aron View Post
Once you can get someone to accept your premise, then you slowly have leverage to get into their mind and reprogram it.
And if you are careful in your reading of the opening chapter or two of most of Lee's important books, and at least a couple of Nee's that I have seen, this principle is a work. Do a jig around some verse and turn it into mush that you can manipulate, then declare that you have made your point and we are ready to move on.

And if you don't stop and say "wait a minute" you will be railroaded into the oblivion of their choice. That is how we were told that authority was so important that there had to be this serious study on it that was codified into Authority and Submission. That is how a verse about stopping people from teaching stupid stuff became an edict to preach only "God's economy" and "God's economy" was simplified down to "God dispensing himself into mankind." That is how we came to understand that house churches as described in the Bible cannot mean that the one-church-per-city rule is incorrect because the one-church-per-city rule declares that it must be true.

(Huh? Say that again? You mean that evidence that stands in opposition to the rule that we are trying to establish is brushed aside by assuming that the rule is simply true? If that is the case, then who needs evidence!?!)

No one bothered to stop and ask "why does God need a starship?" The question was dying to be asked. But someone will quietly explain that you don't go around questioning the almighty. Well, if he is the almighty, then he does not need a starship!!

Thank you, Captain Kirk!

And we need to take Lee up on his word when he had that videotaped message in which they told everyone about the terrible things that had come down under the auspices of some greedy, self-serving, ambitious ones lead by Max R. . . . Lee carefully ordered that we no longer accept what we knew to be wrong. Even if it came from Lee himself.

Then hardly 10 short years later, he became the one that no one could question. He became the one who had to answer to no one. The one that your absolutely could not challenge.
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