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Default Re: Two Ways Among the Workers and the Churches by Robert Shaw

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
The two ways in these articles is the way of Antioch and the way of Jerusalem. In Watchman Nee's active ministry among the local churches in mainland China, the way of Antioch existed until 1948. After Watchman Nee's quarantine was lifted in 1948, the way of Jerusalem was taken.
In Witness Lee's active ministry in North America, you could say the way of Antioch was taken until 1974. Beginning in 1974 the way of Jerusalem as taken. Although it was not as obvious until the New Way was implemented.
The "way of Jerusalem" will always rise up to undermine the "way of Antioch" because men lust after power, and love to lord it over others. It is worth noting that those who take the "way of Jerusalem" will use the ideals of church "purity" to overtake the Lord's simple commands to "love" one another and trust him. Similar to Israel's cry for a king to rule over them, few are content with the "Son of man walking in the midst" of the many local assemblies.

Like the liberal politicians of today, those who love their centralized power and control will always use small local problems to promote their agenda and the need for ever bigger government. Witness Lee and company used every "storm" and "snow squall" to convince the LC's that a larger and more controlling ministry was in our best interests.
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