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Hello all, I am a local church member and was browsing through the internet when i came across this site. I don't know lurker that I know of but you can call me Curious Sister. I understand that you may feel not like me for being affiliated with the Local Church, but I hope you understand that when it comes down to it I just want to be known as a follower of Christ and His teachings. I feel that I follow God and not any one man or person, I feel like the ministry guides me in the right direction.

I came into the church life from meeting someone on campus and I can only say it has changed my life and my mother's life for the better. I have never felt condemned or judged unlike my experiences with the methodist, baptist and non denominational churches that I had frequent contact with before stop going to any meetings to begin with. I felt like no matter what I did or say or the number of questions I asked at the meetings, that I was accepted and the saints just loved me.

I read many websites about the local church on and off before actually consistently going to Lord's Table Meetings on Sundays and I prayed so much about my concerns. But July 2010 I felt it was finally time that I commit myself to going regularly to the meetings and participate. I feel that becoming a part of the local church saved my life in a very real way. I was a very lost and broken person who was in and out of mental hospitals and rehabs before i contacted the saints and gradually I healed and don't abuse drugs and alcohol like i did. The Lord did this all of course but the local church in my locality loved me when I was very unlovable and look me into there homes when I was in need.

I just can't deny how the Lord used the local church in my life. I feel to question at times is good but I just can't help but feel you are alienating the people you are trying to convince by putting us all in a category. Anyways, take care and grace be with you,
Curious Sister
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