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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Why don't the individuals who work in para-church organizations on campus declare their true denominational affiliations? This is a form of deception where newly converted students are deceived to think that Christianity is one unified body of believers but when they must decide on which church to attend each Sunday they find out they are all different denominations.

The simple reason is that "the Lord's recovery" (lower case r) and "The Church in .." are not names but descriptors and to take a name would be to de-name-iate, which the church avoids.

So it is unreasonable for anyone to expect them to use a name which goes against their core beliefs. This is a perfectly valid reason for them identifying as "just Christians".

Some have claimed that they try to hide something but why would the church try to hide who they are?

You remind me of denominational Christians who are just not satisfied with the answer "Christian" when they ask about your religion. They will ask again "yes, but what type of Christian, where do you worship?". It is not that they are trying to hide anything, they just don't have anything to hide (no secret denominational affiliation ,etc).

Remember that the idea of a denomination called "the Lord's Recovery" is the narrative of this forum, not the real world or the real local church. You are asking people to be transparent about something for which there is nothing to be transparent about.
To my knowledge, the common practice of any church campus ministry is stating the organization youíre associate with. At least thatís how it is on this campus- aside from CoC. Youíre very good at missing the point Iím attempting to make. Maybe Iím not being clear or maybe youíre doing it intentionally. Either way, the point I was making was that itís a common recruitment tactic with cults to have ďrecruiting armsĒ with different names other than the one the group is actually called.
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