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Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
By the way I would just like to say I am sorry if my points come across too head strong or for any offense I have caused, to Nell, Jane, others. I am not your enemy nor do I try to be.

I think Jane's book makes some very good points and is worth a read, as is Bushnell's. I have learnt things I did not know before.

I think there is one verse that is not in dispute in any translation:

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love

but the greatest of these is love
I thought, if the translators are biased, which one is not? So I searched for Bushnell's translator and found "God's Word to Women." So I bought it for Kindle.

We're not actually talking about Jane's book. Jane get's it from Bushnell, a woman, btw. The problem with Bushnell is there's no evidence that she went to any university to learn Greek and Hebrew. Apparently she's self taught.

And if men translators are biased, what about women translators? Are they not biased?

Will someone please point me to a translator that's not biased? That's the translation that I want to read.

I find it interesting that in Bushnell's book I found in her footnotes this statement:

These facts we gather from the highly valuable work of Dean Burgon, "The Revision Revised," and of Burgon and Miller, "Causes of Corruption in the Traditional Text of the N. T.
~Bushnell, Katharine. God's Word to Women (Abridged) (Kindle Locations 3237-3238). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

And the dreaded (by Untohim who is clearly biased, so out here rejected), true scholar of Greek, Dr. Bart Ehrman, who writes text books for Universities and Seminaries on it, has a book: "The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture."

That aside, I find it interesting that here on LCD we reject a professional Greek and Hebrew scholar as biased, and accept an amateur on Greek and Hebrew as not biased.

Talk about bias and confirmation bias, we've got plenty of both out here. We've got bias out the ying-yang.

So enough of condemning biases. Bias is everywhere to be found. We're all biased. Talk about the pot and kettle thing, we take the cake.

Now bro Untohim, time to censor me again, and delete another of my posts. But let's condemn all other "biased" people, including me, and let Bushnell, and Jane, slide.
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