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Default Re: Can Anyone Help Our College Student?

It helped me a lot, after coming out of the LC, and as I look around me for ministry that is healthy, and based on Gods' word, to find that it seems to be often the case, when a group of people exclusively follow one man, or even one man (their prophet) plus scripture....these seem to be the groups who are led astray from the narrow path.

~Witness Lee and the Local Church
~Ellen G White and the Seventh Day Adventists
~Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church
~ Charles Taze Russell and the Jehovahs Witnesses

There seems to be a particular danger to doing that. I think it is God allowing anyone put up on a pedestal to fall. He is well pleased in His son only. He wants us to heed His son, Jesus. We can only come to the Father through the Son. Jesus is the only way. I'm sure there are a dozen more examples to add to the list above. Maybe your son could see this and compare??? Maybe others could add to the list? I don't know of any former members in Alabama and Georgia area, but my spouse is trying to get us transferred to the southern border right now. Maybe in the future.....
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